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Long Branch Garden Tour

2020 Virtual Garden Tour

Welcome to the Long Branch 2020 Virtual Garden Tour

 Long Branch gardeners are pleased to share our gardens and plantings on this page.  The one advantage of a ‘virtual’ garden tour is that this one will last all season long.  Please also check out our gardener’s blog page…sharing our learnings on gardening and related topics. 

If you are a Long Branch resident and would like to share the “growings on” in your yard, or terrace, balcony, pots or windowsills (anyone in Long Branch can participate), please email your name, address and send  photos to:

[email protected]

Veggie, Herb and Fruit section – May 16

Left – Greens Kale, Chard, Collards and Spinach

Herbs – top Hot Chinese herbs lower panel Tarragon, Oregano, Parsley etc.

Fruit – Raspberries and Strawberries



May 16 – Bottom right Brunella to its right blossoming Service Berry tree.

May 13 

Left – Weeping Japanese Cherry – with both white and pink flowers

Middle – Stunning Rhododendron



May 12 

Spring Bouquet with Corydalis on the right

May 10 – Mother’s Day

Early spring.  

Primrose, Double Bloodroot, Hellebore



Frenleaf Peony

Hellebore below

Red Primrose-  right

May 7

Spring Perennials

May 5


May 3 – Trillium flowers come in early spring while the sun shines on the forest floors in Ontario.  The flowers don’t last too long. Enjoy them when you can. 

May 4 – Daffodils