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Favourite New Plants

New plants are a big part of gardening.  This post is intended to highlight your favourite new plants.   But “new” is relative because I find a lot of new plants seem to struggle at first.  In fact the second year is often not so inspiring.   It’s the third year when plant seems to wake up and put on a show. So this post is really intended to highlight the newer plants that this year started to perform.  


August Flowers

Aug 4 – Ominous clouds drift across the neighbourhood this evening.  Severe weather warning in effect.  Regardless, the rain from the past few days, though heavy at times, was needed after that prolonged heat.  Spread as it was over a few days I hope enough soaked in to give all of our plants a needed drink.

Here are some August blooms taken on a sunny day…if you have more please send

More added  Aug 29.