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Long Branch Garden Tour


How to Contact us: 

[email protected] 

Garden Tour Participation

What is the Long Branch  Garden Tour all about? 

The garden tour is a free community event in which Long Branch gardeners open up their home gardens to the public for a day.

Who can participate?

If you live in Long Branch and love to garden, we would love to have you participate in the tour. 

There is no cost to participating.


What’s involved in participating?


Expect lots of people to come around for a look at your garden.  People will want to chat with you about your garden and it’s a great opportunity to get to know other garden lovers and to show off your special garden.


Is my garden really good enough to inspire someone?

Short answer, Yes.   

The gardens in Long Branch are unique and as eclectic as the houses in the neighbourhood are.


 All the gardens are different and offer something for everyone. 

Big and to small, formal to informal, veggie, herbal, shade, English, rock, water, Japanese, pots, woodland, flower and rose gardens. 

We welcome them all!


Are there meetings I have to attend?


There will be a few participant meetings but you don’t have  to attend them to  participate.  You are welcome to come for updates and to help out with the organization.  We appreciate all the help we can get!

How do I prepare for tour day? 


Be sure your garden is safe for people to walk around in.  Most gardeners take some time in the days before the tour to do some weeding and make sure all the details they love are taken care of.  Some people provide refreshments, like water or lemonade, but it is not necessary.

How many people should I expect at my garden?


It’s hard to say for sure, but we’re promoting the tour.  If the weather is good, expect a steady stream of visitors all day.



Can I take photographs of the gardens on the tour?


Yes, please do.

Can I invite a neighbour to participate?


Yes by all means. We have printed our brochures which means you won’t be on the printed map.  However, If you decide to participate your address will be added to the map that is available on line.

Can my friends in other parts of the city take part?


Only Long Branch gardeners can be in the tour, but we welcome volunteer help from anywhere!  Anyone can tour the gardens, so tell your friends!


Where can I get a tour map?


 The  map  is now available online and in select  business locations along Lakeshore Boulevard from Mimico to Port Credit as well as at gardeners homes on Garden Tour day June 25.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating or have more questions please contact us at: