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Long Branch Garden Tour

Heritage Trees

Long Branch has 4 Heritage Trees most of which can be viewed during the garden tour.

The newest addition is the magnificent Applebee Catalpa at the corner of Twenty Third and Iris



Big Red 

Park Blvd and Long Branch Ave.


This magnificent red oak is about 200 years old.


It’s on the site of the Long Branch Hotel, which burned down in 1958, located beside the Long Branch Cenotaph dating back to World War I.


The Oak tree  was recently named official tree of Toronto and Long Branch is home several outstanding and ancient specimens.




15 Thirty Sixth St.


At 110 feet tall, Titan may be the largest red oak found in this end of Toronto.


It is estimated to be between 250 and 275 years old.






Stop 26

42 Ash Crescent


This huge silver maple is the last of a grove of trees behind the white gates of the residential community of Pine Beach, c.1910, and marked Stop 26 on the Toronto Mimico Railway. 

Applebee Catalpa   

6 Twenty Third St.




Standing over 70 feet high this 125 year old Northern Catalpa was on land  first owned by former councilor Moses Applebee, a prominent citizen of Long Branch in the early 1800’s.