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Long Branch Garden Tour



The Long Branch Garden Tour takes place in the Toronto Neighbourhood of Long Branch which is located on Lake Ontario in the southwest corner of Toronto.


Long Branch, named after the community in New Jersey, was originally a vacation resort, where wealthy Torontonians of the late 1800’s traveled by steamship to enjoy a woodland by the lake.   A cottage resort community named “Long Branch Park” was established, boasting choice, wooded villa lots.  Richard Ough designed many of the cottages in the park, including his own, a building which still stands today at 262 Lake Promenade.




In 1954 The Village of Long Branch, at the time a separate community outside of Toronto, was permanently altered by Hurricane Hazel.  On October 15, Etobicoke creek overflowed its banks, flooding three streets completely. Seven people perished in the storm.  Most of the houses were condemned for fear of an epidemic.  In their place Marie Curtis park, named after the Reeve of the village of Long Branch, was created.

Visit the second annual Tree Fest on Sunday September 20, 2020 at Marie Curtis Park.

To learn more about Tree Fest please visit our web page Tree Fest

Marie Curtis Cannon (1803 - 32 pounder Naval Cannon)
Swimming Beach
Popular splash pad
Tree Fest open mic band
Downstream view of Etobicoke Creek from Marie Curtis bridge