Long Branch Garden Tour

May Birds

A wide variety of birds live in or pass through Long Branch.  In the spring many migrating birds return to our gardens.  The locals that remain all year and some of the migrating birds nest in Long Branch.  Others visit for a short while and move on.    

The Starling pictured is nesting on an actual traffic light, in a back yard,  which has been rewired so when it is plugged in, all the lights come on. There is a hole in the top of the traffic light and each spring starlings make a nest inside the light. Right now they have babies and mom and dad starling are very busy bringing food to the nest for junior starlings.


Mid May Flowers

More blooms appear during mid May.  New flowers and growth continues to march along despite the cool wet weather we’ve had. 

We seem to have a very dramatic seasonal change here in Southern Ontario from cold to warm.  There doesn’t seem to be a gradual change in temperature with most days warming a bit.  Instead a dramatic change seems to occur over the span of a week.    The timing of the change varies from year to year.  I recall several years when  the warm weather would start in early May.  This year it was late.  This year we jumped from cool days with highs of 12 C or lower right to warm temperatures of  20+ C in the span of a few days.  There seem to be very few days with highs around the calculated average in the mid teens.  Until this week (May 18 – 23) we had to dress for cold weather most evenings on our daily walk.  This week it finally warmed up and it will stay warm, we hope,  until almost October.